We are frequently asked, “What is the reason why we do this?” and our answer is, “Purely because we care.” was created so that ANY artist who has a million songs or just one, gets our attention and the best exposure we can offer.


Each year only a handful of artists are making it past all the endless auditions, while the majority of musicians eventually give up on this tough business and ultimately give up on their dreams.


Whoisthesinger was put together to promote all musicians with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve. Our team of young musicians know how difficult at times it can get to make it in this profession. Thus, we like to approve everyone by featuring and promoting them on our website for free.


Our motto is to: Get the max exposure, even to the beginning artist!


We do this just to help artists from around the world. A passionate musicians who wants to succeed, an artists who won’t stop till she positively affects people with her music. That’s what whoisthesinger is all about.


The tale of one of our singer’s is a real heartbreaking story. The artist was born to poverty and had to raise her 3 younger brothers while her parents made ends meet. All the while her extraordinary and powerful voice was buried. However, on February 2013, something significant happened in her life, due to a medical error, her beloved father passed away. The singer was devastated, her father was her biggest fan who believed in her, and always used to say, “Do something with your talent.” Her spirit was broken and after a few hard and distraught months she recovered and come to the realization that life is just to short. As her father’s words resonated in her mind, she was ready to share her music with the world and recorded a beautiful song.


However, after the hardship she went through, the artist discovered that the industry was very tough. This was her turning point, upset for not been taken seriously, she vowed to never let that happen again. She searched the internet and located where she’s currently featured with pride and admiration.


This site is designed also to collaborate between artists, a singer who needs materials can be matched here by songwriters. A vocalist can be grouped here, or a group band can be matched by their lead solo, guitarist or drummer. Organizing a choir? Need an Opera singer or Broadway performer? Find them here in our database. All our artists are within reach. is constantly being viewed by casting directors, producers and people in the entertainment business. Furthermore, our Twitter account @whoisthesinger has over 11K followers, thus if artists will keep us updated of any new events they have planned such as, upcoming shows, new materials, tour dates, etc…we’ll blast it on social media for them.


There is no charge to join, we just ask that our members help our mission by spreading the word about this site. We also encourage the artists to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook as well as any other social media site with whom they’re affiliated.





Many Thanks
God Bless
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Whoisthesinger Team

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    Whoisthesinger website was created for one reason alone, and that’s to help all aspire artists out there.

    Each year only a handful of artists are making it pass all the endless auditions, read more…